Worst Mistakes to Make in a Bar Lounge

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A bar lounge offers the best experience that you can dream about. If you find the right bar lounge, the experiences that you will get there will forever remain remarkable. Therefore, the first tip is finding the right bar lounge.

But the story doesn’t end there, you need to shape your experience to make it memorable. Most men and women ruin their experiences by committing silly mistakes that would have been avoided.

Therefore, we want to share the worst mistakes that you should avoid when in a bar lounge.

7 mistakes to avoid in a bar lounge

Bringing a partner who doesn’t want to be there

The experience in a club is defined by the kind of people that you hang around. You’d rather stay alone than have a nagging partner who never wanted to be there in the first place. So, regardless of whether you want to please her in an uptown bar lounge like Mask Porto, don’t force her to come with you if she doesn’t want to.

The best experience will be when you have a partner who appreciates the experience in a bar lounge.

Buying something that is not worth it

Are you planning a bachelor party in a bar lounge? You can lose a lot of money buying unnecessary stuff like VIP entry. A bar lounge is an exciting place to be and offers a good experience with or without a VIP entry. A group visit to a bar lounge will always be exciting; so make the best out of it.

Not asking the rules

Whenever you go to a new joint, always ask about the rules of the club. You will be surprised that there are many Dos and Don’ts in the joint that you were not aware of. Learning the rules saves you from being socially incorrect in a bar lounge. The hosts are always kind to share the rules with you.

You can simply ask direct questions if you don’t want to read the rules. For example, you can ask whether or not smoking is allowed.

Using your phone near the stage

Phones are a nuisance in many social joints. They do not display the feeling that hosts want to be displayed in a bar lounge. Therefore, do not use your phones near the stage because you will be infringing the rights of participants. Most clubs don’t allow customers to photograph their dancers. You should take a back seat if you intend to use your phone in a bar lounge.

Not asking prices first

Many revelers have found themselves unable to pay bills after enjoying their party. One common reason that they have is that the prices have been exaggerated. One thing that most people don’t know is that the prices of alcohol differ widely depending on various factors.

While one bar can sell a bottle of whiskey for $50, another one can sell the same at $200. Therefore, you need to ask about the prices first before you order. This will help you avoid conflict when paying your bills.

Wearing sharp and scratchy accessories

Not unless you are a celebrity, you should keep it simple in a bar lounge. Avoid sharp and scratchy accessories. They are not ideal for lap dancing, which is a key feature in a bar lounge. But if you are not expecting a lap dance, you can just keep your accessories.

Using a credit card

The most useful tip that you should know when you are visiting a bar lounge is to carry enough cash for your night out. Carrying a credit card is extremely dangerous because you are likely to overspend. It is also easy to lose money when you are using a credit card. Bartenders and waitresses can overcharge you and you won’t know at the moment.

How to have the best experience in a bar lounge

Avoiding these 7 mistakes is your first step closer to having fun in a bar lounge. Enhancing fun means that you do the following:

  • Drink a bit of alcohol to hype yourself
  • Always remain social in the bar
  • Maintain a good company
  • Always avoid trouble in a bar. Bar brawls are not good as they sound out there.
    With these tips, you will be up for an exciting experience in a bar lounge of your choice.