About Us

Mask Porto is the leading strip club in Porto, Portugal. The club is renowned for its magnificent touch, good music, and an airy ambiance of good music.

We are a modern strip club, using global trends in nightclubs to define our services. With a global eye, Mask Porto provides the best nightclub experience that you can dream of.

Our Mission

We are anchored in our core mission to become the most reliable strip club for individuals, bachelor parties, and corporate events in Portugal.

Our mission is embedded in our desire to exceed our customers’ expectations. Therefore, there is a lot to enjoy when you visit our club.

Reasons to visit us

Visiting Mask Porto as an individual or a group offers the best experience. Our range of day and night activities are tailor-made to enchant your experience.

Here are a few reasons why many people visit Mask Porto:


We are centrally located in Porto, Portugal. This ensures that you can access our club without over planning. We have ample parking for our guests. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about accessing the venue.

As soon as you arrive, you will be treated to valet parking. So, you don’t have to worry about getting your car parked.

Affordable clubbing experience

You don’t have to overspend your money out there to get an incredible nightclub experience. at Mask Porto, we offer affordable services to our diverse range of clients. Our core business is getting clients happy and we do it without making them pay extra for the services we are offering.

Alcohol prices are reasonable, unlike most strip clubs. Our VIP booths are also price-friendly for revelers seeking individualized experiences from our strip dancers.

A wide range of activities

The top reason why you should visit Mask Porto is that it offers a wide range of clubbing activities. It is a one-stop club that gives you the following:

  • Strip club: The strip club treats visitors to amazing strip dancers. There are both male and female strippers to make the experience better.
  • Bar lounge: If you want some time in an ideal bar, you can go to our bar lounge. It is a cool and relaxed place where you will be treated to fine alcohol coupled with some good background music.
  • Cabaret: We also have live performances in our club that you can enjoy while sipping your drinks. We invite famous local and international artists to grace our cabaret live performances.

Host events

Mask Porto can help you host events on your behalf. We have a team of dedicated event planners that can help you plan your bachelor party, corporate events, and individual parties. You just need to contact us to get started with the plan.

Exemplary customer service

At the core of our service delivery is our customer service. We have an active customer care desk that takes care of all emerging issues in the club. Our priority is to give the best experience to revelers visiting our club.

We are operating legally in Portugal and follow the government’s directives on club admission. The drinking age is 18 years, and we use it to admit revelers to the club.

Yes, it is a safe strip club. We have employed numerous bouncers to take care of you while having fun in the club. We encourage revelers to have fun responsibly.

Of course, the sanity of the strip club depends on rules. We have friendly rules that boost the experience of both the strippers and the customers alike.

For more information

Do you have any information that you would like to know about us? Please visit our Contact Us page and we will get back to you.