Welcome to Mask Porto​

Mask Porto is an unbelievably beautiful, warm, and opulent strip club in Porto, Portugal. It is undoubtedly the best nightclub in the city, offering a wide range of fun-filled activities that provide a perfect escape from routine and daily stress. 

There are many moments of uncensored relaxation recorded in this club that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. 

What does Mask Porto offer?

There is a lot of exciting features on offer at this club. Every fantasy of a club experience that
you have always had is met here.

Pole dances

One of the most popular activities in the club is pole dancing. Pole dancers hired at Mask Porto strip club are phenomenal. They are the best in Portugal and work tirelessly to keep the audience engaged. As professionals, our pole dancers adhere to strict ethical requirements but ensure fun is at its maximum. 

What is unique about our pole dancers

Unlike most strip clubs in Portugal, Mask Porto has both male and female pole dancers. We do this to cater to the growing demand for male pole dancers in the country. We offer the perfect bachelorette party experience with the addition of male pole dancers. 

You can always catch up with the latest trends in pole dancing at Mask Porto. We endeavor to become the market leader in Portugal and provide a sense of direction for other pole dancers. 

Cabaret shows

Are you looking for a fun version of a live show? Look no further than our series of cabaret shows. We hold nightlong entertainments meant to keep our audience happy while they are having fun.

We have a list of local and international artists that perform on regular basis at our club. The quality of our cabaret shows is outstanding. We have no rivals in Portugal and dominate this field squarely. A quick visit to our club will reveal how fun these shows are. 

As the shows are always on demand, we suggest that you book your seat early to avoid inconveniences. For cabaret shows bookings, you can get in touch with us through our dedicated customer support team. 

You can also walk in early and try your luck to find empty seats for the shows. We often update our website with upcoming cabaret shows featuring famous artists. 

Striptis bar

Another major addition to our list of offerings is the striptis bar. This is a unique establishment that provides adult entertainment by strippers. The entertainment is mainly in the forms of erotic and exotic dances. 

The striptis bar is secluded and the experience got there is unique. We have beautiful girls ready for adult entertainment to keep revelers and fun seekers at their best while in this club.  


Live deejays and loud music define the nightclub experience at Mask Porto. We offer the perfect way to unwind from a day full of stress. The nightclub experience is irreplaceable. Every night of the week has a special event that controls the theme of the nightclub activities. 

Revelers at our club never get tired as the party never stops till morning. You too can become one of the unique revelers that appreciate the value of our nightclub experience. 

Group events at Mask Porto

We also have group events for different groups. Some of the popular group events include:

  1. Bachelor parties
  2. Bachelorette parties
  3. Corporate events 
  4. Birthday parties 

Bachelor parties

This is the most popular group event that we organize in our strip club. If you are planning a bachelor party, we can help you get it right from the beginning to the end. We have everything covered for you. Some of the things that you will get include:

  • Pole dancers to spice up your bachelor party
  • Strip dancers
  • Lap dancers 

You can plan for a bachelor party with us and organize everything for you or simply pass by and organize it yourself. Both options are great, simply because you will be at Mask Porto strip club. For reservation of seats and VIP lounge, you can contact us through our customer care.  We provide the best ladies to cap the bachelor party activities. 

Bachelorette parties

We are also delighted to be amongst the pioneer clubs in Porto to offer exotic bachelorette parties. Our range of male strippers is our strength in offering this service.

At our strip club, you will find the best male dancers in the world. The bachelorette party experience here is always the best in Portugal. 

Corporate events

Do you have a corporate event that requires exclusivity? At Mask Porto Strip Club, we provide unique, exclusive, and fun-filled corporate packages that satisfy corporate needs. We have something different that you can’t get out there. Our unique approach to satisfying all the senses is our key pillar in the provision of corporate events.

The packages are affordable and rejuvenate corporate workers to high productivity. 

Birthday parties

We have an open bar lounge that can be used to host birthday parties. Depending on the specific needs of the customer, we can organize exotic birthday activities in the club or let you decide the activities that you will do for your birthday. 

The deejay is always magical when it comes to playing the right music for events that are unique. The services are personalized to ensure that everyone has a great experience. 

Other services

Restaurant and snacks

Well, we’ve got you covered even if you don’t want to have a nightlife experience. We have a sizzling restaurant that provides refined dishes prepared by a wonderful chef. Our dining experience is a combination of refined atmosphere and sweet delicacies. The food and the good ambiance of music offer a perfect combination for a place to relax and spend the whole afternoon. Tag along your date to have the best dating experience in our sensational restaurant.

How to get to us

If you are looking for the perfect nightlife experience, look no further than Mask Porto Strip Club. You can always talk to us about any personalized experience that you want to have. Your desire is our promise.