Picking Up Lap Dancers: 5 Tips to Do It Right

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In any city that you are in, your fun is guaranteed in a gentleman’s club. A simple walk into any reputable strip club will make you feel special. This is because of the lap dancers. If you are a man, this is a fantasy world that you need to live in.

Strip dancers make life beautiful for men. But as it goes, some men are never lucky with lap dancers. Whilst others are enjoying their lap dances, some men stay alone, not having fun.

Today, we’ll explore some of the reasons why you can be bored in a strip club and ways of picking up girls.

Why do some men get bored in top strip clubs?

The answer is pretty simple – they do not find lap dancers who give them personalized attention.

They are mostly to blame because of the following reasons:

They are rude to lap dancers

If you walk into a strip club with an attitude that strippers are there at your service, you will have a hard time getting personalized attention.

At the end of the day, they are human with feelings. Therefore, they don’t take rudeness kindly.

You don’t tip

A strip club is not a place where you just go to be entertained for free. You must tip the ladies if you want their attention.

If you don’t do that, you’ll just remain a mere spectator of fun while other men are enjoying.

Lack of social skills

Some men are good but just lack the social skills needed to find lap dancers in the club.

At least for such men, there is hope for they simply need to read our tips of how to pick up lap dancers at top clubs like Mask Porto.

5 tips to pick up lap dancers

Here are valuable tips that you can use to get the attention of lap dancers in a club:

1. Go with the right mindset
When you are going to a strip club, you need the right mindset that will give you the best experience. Be bold and confident to attract lap dancers. They spend time with boring men with stale talks.

If you go with a new kind of talk, you will pick up a few lap dancers and have the best time of your life.

2. Walk with your head high
You need to be confident when walking in the club. You should put your head held high and act like you are familiar with the environment. Never lurk around as if you don’t know where you are supposed to sit.

This is a sign that you are unfamiliar with the setting. Quick tip – find a seat near a speaker.

3. When a stripper approaches you, let her sit beside you
We have already mentioned the importance of being unique in a strip club. You don’t want to appear too obvious to your audience.

This means that you should not just allow the lap dancers to sit on you immediately. Ask them to sit beside you as you talk a bit. Being a little bit cocky means that you will have great command in the club.
Since you will be already sitting near a speaker, you can ask her to move to a quieter place.

4. Maintain eye contact
Don’t show your intentions are all in her body. You must maintain eye contact if you want to attract the beautiful lap dancers.

When talking to her, don’t go straight telling her “you are cute.” She’s already heard this a million times.

How about asking her to tell you something that no one in the building can ever guess about her? This sounds like a true pickup line in a club.

5. Be respectful to her profession
Never refer to a lap dancer as a stripper. This kind of disrespect to her profession is what will take you out of her game.

Just be casual about the whole idea of stripping. You know it, she knows it but nobody needs to talk about it. You’ll even get a better experience if you don’t refer to it.

With these tips, you can be sure that you will always get the best lap dancers in Mask Porto. Don’t ignore any of the tips shared while visiting a popular strip club