Picking Up Strip Dancers: Top Tips You Need to Succeed

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Success in a strip club doesn’t require a lot of effort. You just need to know what to do right. Depending on what you term as success in a strip club, you may just walk out the happiest man if you hit your target.

Most men always fantasize about picking up strip dancers. It is the ultimate desire to attract the undivided attention of a stripper. But how do you do that?

Getting started with a strip dancer

There are basics that you must know as you move to a strip club. The most important thing is to know your limits and what you are not allowed to do with a strip dancer. Read the club rules and understand them if you are new to the club.

This will help you know the Dos and Don’ts in the club. When you understand the rules, you can borrow a few tips on how to pick up a strip dancer successfully.

Top 6 tips to pick up a strip dancer

Here are six tips that you must know when in need of a stripper’s attention:

  • Be respectful
    Outside the strip club, there is a common saying that denotes the customer as always right. This is a false pretext to carry in a strip club when you want to win a strip dancer. In here, you must show respect to her profession. Do not in any way underrate her profession or her personality. If you start with respect, you will earn credibility that can help you win her.

  • Be confident
    This is a tip that is particularly useful to first-timers in a strip club attempting to pick up strip dancers. You must exude confidence in your walk, talk, and mannerism. Don’t let your intentions be easily noticeable.

  • You must have an unpredictable conversation that will make you stand out. Every day, strippers get men trying to hit on them. You must be different if you want to succeed. Avoid the old and boring pickup lines.
  • Dress softly
    Khakis or Dockers should be your ideal dress code when entering the club. One noticeable thing that strip dancers will notice is your type of dressing. It is important to them because it will affect the lap dance.
    Don’t wear jeans because it will hurt her when she is having a lap dance. Try to wear soft casual clothing that will make you and the stripper comfortable. It also shows maturity, which strippers appreciate.

  • Bring money
    You need cash to attract the attention of a stripper. Did you know that most strip dancers are not paid well? They rely on tips to get their wages high. Therefore, it is a silent commandment that you must bring money to a strip club.
    You need to show it off nicely without being too conspicuous. When she offers to give you a lap dance, tuck in a few notes in her string. The more you give, the more attention you will get. So, it is up to you to decide the amount of attention that you want.
  • Let her do her job
    You need to trust that strip dancers know how to do their job. Don’t be too intimidating, trying to teach her what to do. Give them time and they will get to you. Always remember to tip them when they get you to levels you never imagined.
    Strip dancers are repulsed by men who want to control them and show them where to touch or how to touch them.
  • Stay clean
    This is where most men go crazy. The expectation to get more than a lap dance is always in the mind of every man. But you need to stay clean if you want to get pick up the stripper. She is likely to offer more if you are calm and composed than when you are up and about demanding to get everything that you want.
  • Conclusion
    Maturity plays a significant role in determining whether or not you will pick up a strip dancer. You are likely to succeed if you observe these basic tips. Always remember strip dancers are as human as you are and rely on your maturity to get to them.