What You Should Know About Becoming a Malestrip Dancer

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Have you ever thought of becoming a male strip dancer? It is a popular career in Europe and America. But just before you commit to it as a career, you should examine and know the basics about it.

This guideline is useful for a professional malestrip or anyone who wants information about male strippers.

Is it legal to be a male stripper?
Yes, it is legal to become a male stripper. This profession isn’t as popular as female strip dancing because of societal reception. However, there is a growing trend and appreciation of male pole dancers. It is a career worth exploring if you are into it.

The terms of service are similar to those enjoyed by female strippers. But you will need to be good at this job because of the limited demand.

Important things to know about male stripping
If you are a malestrip or a customer in a club offering this service, you might want to know the following information about male strippers.

Personality is as important as the body

What many people see out there is the body of a male dancer. A majority of customers are attracted to the ideal male physique of a male stripper. But it doesn’t end there. The character of the malestrip is also important as it defines his whole package.

If you are aspiring to become a male stripper, you shouldn’t be working just on your physique but also on your character. It is a key pillar that will give you long-term appreciation amongst your clients.

Most male strippers are independent

A majority of male strippers work independently for various clubs. This is the best way to maximize income. Some will even travel to get the right job for a few hours or days. Therefore, you should strive to make yourself independent from the clubs you are going to work for.

For strip club customers, this information is useful as it helps you know when you want to see your best malestrip at a certain club. It also explains why you can’t see them some days.

You have to audition to get work

Just like a majority of entertainment gigs, male strippers must audition to get work. A club cannot hire a stripper without ascertaining that it will add value to the club. This is why they undergo rigorous auditioning to get the best strippers in the best clubs.

This is why top clubs like Mask Porto have the best male strippers in the town. They pick the best and weed out the rest.

Some clubs charge strippers to dance

Some top clubs will even charge a house fee for a malestrip to perform. The fees vary depending on the club. But a good malestrip will not mind this because he can attract the attention of high-paying customers in a male strip club.

Some male strippers charge as much as $400 per VIP dance. This justifies why they have to pay house fees to dance in top clubs.

Stripping isn’t easy money

If you are looking for a career that gets you easy money, then you need to keep on looking. Stripping doesn’t offer easy money as such. It is hard for beginners to get a good amount of money during their first months of stripping.

There is less demand for male strippers compared to their female counterparts. This is why men don’t make money easily when stripping. It is a career that you should follow if you are passionate about it. You will start to make money when you are building relationships with clients.

You might have to work multiple jobs

It is not uncommon to find male strippers doing multiple jobs to sustain their lifestyles. This is also common amongst millions of workers in the US who do more than one job. Therefore, while preparing to be a malestrip, have an open mind to work multiple jobs.

At some point, you will focus on this single job. This is when you have refined your stripping skills and can attract high-paying clients.


Male stripping is not as common as female stripping. But it is a career that is promising to passionate male dancers. Understand these important pieces of information to get your career started on the right trajectory.