Five Unwritten Rules to Have Fun in a Night Club

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Let’s face it, night clubs are among the top places to have fun. Similarly, people come out of these clubs with different stories to tell; some of which are never interesting. This is because they probably didn’t know what to do to have the most fun in a night club.

When should you visit a night club?

When is the right time to be in a night club? Your fun begins right here when you know when you need to be in a club. Of course, you should be there at night, but exactly at what time? The best time to get to a night club is about 10 pm. This is when the fun is at its best. But you can come early if you are in a group to get a good position.

The best days for the most fun in a night club are Friday and Saturday nights. These are the days when you can have the best times in a night club. It is when many people are free from their work commitments and are open for fun.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t be in a club in the middle of the week and fail to have fun. If you live in Porto, you’ll notice how night clubs are popular all days. You just need to find an ideal night club like The Mask where fun is unlimited every day. And even with such a club, you still need to understand some basic rules that will guide your fun in the club.

Salient rules of fun in a night club

Here are the unwritten rules that everyone should know if they want to have fun in a night club.

1. Go with your friends

If you want to have the best moment of your life in a night club, go with a group of friends. This will compensate for the lonely moments that people often have in a club before the party sets out.

Choose friends who are fun to be around. If you have boring friends in a club, your experience is likely to be as boring as your friends. But even if you don’t go with your friends, try to make few friendships so that you don’t feel alone.

2. Let go of your worry about money

The first reason why you are going to a night club is to have fun. You can only have fun if your mind is free to enjoy it. Whether you are rich or poor, money shouldn’t be an issue when you are out there having fun. Spend money without worrying too much about it.

A mistake that some people often make is to start doing calculations in a club. This kills the experience in a club because you don’t focus on the fun and worry about money continuously. Feel free to spend all the money that you had budgeted to use in a club.

3. Be nice to the staff

Never go to a night club with the attitude that “the customer is always right”. Whilst it might be true, it is not the way to get the most fun in a club. When you start disrespecting the staff, you will not get the best treatment from them. You have to be nice to get good treatment from the staff.

4. Have zero expectations

A night club is just a place to have fun. That should be the only expectation that you have in mind. Forget about picking up girls or getting a one-night stand. You can get these but you should not peg your happiness on them because there is no guarantee that you will get them.

Don’t expect a VIP treatment or a chat with the deejay. If it happens, you count it as a plus for your experience. the bad thing with expectations is that they become a bar that defines your happiness.

5. Walk away from danger

There is always a daring temptation to get involved in physical fights. If you want the best experience in a night club, you should simply walk away from danger. This will give you the best experience because you won’t come out hurt. Even when you are sure you are right, just walk away. You came to a night club to have fun; fighting is not part of it.

With these tips, you are good to have the best time of your life in a night club.