Tips that Every Striptis Bar Customers Should Know

There is nothing as embarrassing as behaving out of context when you are in a new place. You will not only feel ashamed but might lead to your earl exit from the fun.

Such incidences are frequent in most striptis bars. People don’t know how to behave in such clubs and end up embarrassing themselves in the process.

How should you behave in a striptis club?

A striptis bar is an establishment that adult entertainment is provided by strippers. Such entertainment comes in different forms including erotic and exotic dances.

Given this information, you need to carry along good mannerisms that will make you fit. You don’t want to become the laughing stock for not being able to understand what transpires in a strip club.

The basic tip is to avoid any form of overdoing stuff. Relax and have fun while following the rules of the bar.

Important tips to remember

There is a list of things that you should never forget every time you go to a striptis bar. Here are the most important ones:

1. Buy drinks while there

Don’t ever think that a strip club is a passive entertainment joint where you just go to watch. The club is not meant to provide free cable for you.

You must buy a couple of drinks and get involved in the dance. Not only will you be paying for your time there but also ensure that you are having a good time.

2. Offer strippers cocktail when interested

There will be many scenarios when you will be interested in a stripper. So, when they approach you, just offer a cocktail as a sign of acceptance.

If you are not interested, turn her down in a polite manner. Don’t shout at her that you don’t want her. You’ll be embarrassing yourself – not her.

3. Tip at least one dollar per song

This is a tip that is directed to customers who sit near the stage. That is a hotspot. For every song, you should tip at least one dollar per performer.

When there is a group of singers on stage, customers should all spend money on them and not leave that task for one dude.

4. Consider the ‘house fee’

While discussing tipping matters, you should know that a girl will spend more time with you if you give her more money.

You should know that a majority of these girls don’t earn a good salary and depend on the tips.

5. Know the rules of contact first

You should know that different striptis bars have different rules of engagement.

When it comes to the level of contact allowed, you need to know the rules before you start. You can ask your individual striptease the extent to which the club allows.

6. No touching means no touching

If you are visiting a strip club for the first time, you must understand the importance of rules.

When a strip girl says no touch, don’t confuse it with her playing hard to get. It simply means that you shouldn’t touch her.

7. Don’t ask for phone numbers

This is a juvenile mistake that most people make when they are visiting a strip club for the first time. At no point should you ask the strippers to give you their phone numbers.

They are dancers and aren’t there to date you. Get the exotic experience and leave the club happy. If you want the experience again, just visit the club.

8. Don’t ask their real names

You shouldn’t also ask their real names. They want to keep their private lives private and you should respect that.

Whatever stage name they are using should be enough for you while in the striptis bar.

9. First impression matters

Don’t think that the customer is always right rule applies in a striptis club. Here, you need to present yourself as an elegant person to get the best stripper’s attention.

One more thing – get a cologne before visiting any strip club.

10. Don’t get too wasted

Don’t drink too much that you get wasted. You need to balance your drinking habit to avoid vomiting in the bathroom.

You need to have fun and not to get wasted that you lose out on the meaning of fun.

Final say:

With these tips, you are good to go in any striptis bar and have fun. Always remember that all these rules are important.

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